NameCuisineLocationAverage Cost (for two)Overall Rating (Out of 10)
AlounakPersianCentral London (Bayswater, Kensington)£308
Amigo's Peri PeriBurgers West London (Acton, Shepherd's Bush)£256
ApadanaPersianCentral London (Kensington)£256
Aqua KyotoJapaneseCentral London (Picadilly)£606.5
Archie's, ManchesterBurgersManchester£206.8
Asta LuegosBurgersNorth West London (Wembley)£256.8
Babaji PideTurkishCentral London (Soho)£506.5
Bake StreetBreakfast, BrunchNorth West London (Stoke Newington)£206.7
Banana TreePan AsianVarious£307.3
BintangPan AsianNorth West London (Camden)£356.7
BIRDAmerican, KoreanVarious£306.5
Black RoeHawaiian, JapaneseCentral London (Mayfair)£706.8
Blue GingerIndian North West London (Harrow)£455.3
Bo DrakeKoreanCentral London (Soho)£255.8
Bombay PalaceIndianCentral London (Paddington)£507.5
BoondocksBurgersCentral East London (Old Street)£356
Brioche BurgerBurgersNorth East London (Walthamstow)£357
BurgeriBurgersCentral London (Carnaby)£206.7
Burgista BrosBurgersWest London (Shepherd's Bush)£207.2
Burgista BrosBurgersCentral London (Baker Street, Piccadilly)£207.2
C&R RestaurantChinese, MalaysianCentral London (Bayswater)£306.8
Cafe Istanbul, ManchesterTurkishManchester£255.3
CeruMiddle EasternCentral London (South Kensington)£307.3
Chai KiIndianEast London (Canary Wharf)£506.7
Chi KitchenPan AsianCentral London (Oxford Circus)£706.5
Chicken ShopBritishCentral London (Holborn)£357
Chicken ShopBritishNorth West London (Kentish Town, St. Johns Wood)£357
China TangChineseCentral London (Mayfair)£808.3
Chit Chaat ChaiIndianSouth West London (Wandsworth)£507
HGAT Brunch Series - Christopher'sBrunchCentral London (Covent Garden)£608
Cinnamon BazaarIndian Central London (Strand)£456.3
ColbehPersianCentral London (Paddington)£306.3
HGAT Brunch Series - Comptoir LibanaisBrunch, LebaneseVarious£356
Cona, BradfordEuropeanBradford£808
CUTSteakhouseCentral London (Mayfair)£1607.7
HGAT Brunch Series - DishoomIndianVarious£458
HGAT Brunch Series - DrunchBrunchCentral London (Bond Street)£507.3
DUM Biryani HouseIndian Central London (Soho)£506.5
Evelyn's, ManchesterEuropeanManchester£357.5
Famous FlamesAmericanNorth West London (Camden)£206.3
Farm Fresh BurgersBurgersSouth West London (Kingston)£30N/A
FatburgerBurgers, WingsNorth West London (Camden)£305
Feng Shang PrincessChineseCentral London (Regent's Park)£557
Flaming CowAmericanWest London (Ealing)£40N/A
GaylordIndianCentral London (Marylebone)£806.3
GilgameshPan AsianNorth West London (Camden)£708
Grounded Coffee CompanyBreakfast, CafeEast London (Aldgate East)£206.3
HGAT Brunch Series - GuanabanaBrunchNorth West London (Camden)£355.3
GuanabanaLatin AmericanNorth West London (Camden)£455
GymkhanaIndianCentral London (Mayfair)£708
Hankies CafeIndianCentral London (Soho)£506.7
HibiscusEuropean, Fine DiningCentral London (Mayfair)£2007.8
Hombres Mexican KitchenMexicanNorth West London (Rayners Lane)£256
Honest BurgersBurgersSouth London (Tooting, Clapham)£25N/A
HoppersSri LankanCentral London (Soho)£40 8
HS&CoSteakEast London (Stratford)£606
Imli StreetIndianCentral London (Soho)£406.7
JakartaIndonesianNorth West London (Kilburn)£356.7
JamavarIndian Central London (Mayfair)£1808
Jerk CityCaribbean Central London (Oxford Circus)£255.7
Jungle BraaiSouth AfricanEast London (Brick Lane, Walthamstow)£306.7

KadirisIndianNorth West London (Willesden Green)£306.7
Kobe Sizzlers, LeicesterSteakLeicester£406.8
KurobutaJapaneseCentral (Knightsbridge, Marble Arch, Chelsea)£507.3
Le Chef MasgoufIraqiCentral London (Marble Arch)£406.2
Le Chinois' Afternoon TeaAfternoon Tea, ChineseCentral London (Knightsbridge)£706.8
Loaded BurgersBurgersEast London (Ilford)£306.3
Loco MexicanoMexicanCentral London (Bayswater)£457.7
Lulu's Caribbean CuisineCaribbeanNorth London (Haringey)£506
Ma'PluckerAmerican Central London (Soho)£306.3
Mahdi RestaurantPersianWest London (Hammersmith)£407.2
Mangal 1TurkishNorth West London £256.5
Mango TreeThaiCentral London (Victoria)£556.7
MaximiniChineseCentral London (Marble Arch)£507
MeLove SushiJapaneseNorth London (Edgware)£356.3
Meat and Shake IIBurgersVarious£356
MomoMoroccanCentral London (Mayfair)£705
Nargis KapuriEast AfricanWest London (Southall)£307
New Yorker Diner, ManchesterAmerican Manchester£255.7
NovikovPan AsianCentral London (Mayfair)£709.3
Original Lahore Kebab HousePakistaniCentral London (Edgware Road)£405.8
PardisPersianCentral London (Marble Arch)£506.8
Chicken ShopThaiCentral London (Soho, £1206.3
PatoghPersianCentral London (Paddington)£306.5
Pide OvenTurkishCentral London (Tottenham Court Road)£205.7
PotbellyFast foodEast London (Stratford)£207.5
Red Iron Burgers
Red Iron Burgers Part II
BurgersWest London (Uxbridge)£308
Rodizio RicoBrazillianVarious£507
Roti Chai - Street FoodIndianCentral London (Marble Arch)£457.2
Roti KingMalaysianCentral London (Euston)£206.8
Roti ChaiIndianCentral London (Westminster)£457.3
SadafPersianCentral London (Bayswater)£306.2
Satay HouseMalaysianCentral London (Paddington)£357
Scene Indian Street Kitchen, ManchesterIndian Manchester£455
Smoky BoysBurgersNorth West London (Watford)£305.7
Spicy BasilThaiNorth West London (Kilburn)£257.3
Stax DinerAmericanCentral London (Carnaby St)£307
Steak OutSteakhouseVarious£404
StickywingsAmericanEast London (Brick Lane)£258.3
Sugar Mill DessertsBurgersNorth London (Wembley)£206.8
Super KebabTurkishNorth West London£157
Tabun KitchenPalestinianCentral London (Soho)£305
Talli JoeIndianCentral London (Soho)£607.5
TangAsianCentral London (Tottenham Court Road)£205.7
Taste of IndiaIndianEast London (Barking)£205.3
The Dorchester's Afternoon TeaAfternoon TeaCentral London (Mayfair)£1008
The Kati Roll CompanyIndianCentral London (Soho)£206.3
The Meat CoSteakhouseWest London (White City)£758
The Queen of ShebaEthiopianNorth West London (Kentish Town)£406.7
Tru Burger, BirminghamBurgersBirmingham£257
TukdinMalaysianCentral London (Paddington)£257
Va'pensieroItalianNorth London (Radlett)£357.3
Wraps & WingsAmerican, BurgersNorth London (Eastcote)£306.3

    • Arif
    • February 14, 2014

    Awesome, makes life much easier! Merci beaucoup

    • Anonymous
    • March 9, 2014

    Thank you for this 🙂 is the banana tree in clapham junction halal now? As I could not find any sign to say this on their website?

    1. Reply

      Yup, the banana tree in Clapham is halal and hmc approved as well!

      This is an email from them:
      “Thank you for your enquiry.
      All our restaurants serve halal and HMC approved meat. However if you wish to dine in a restaurant that is 100% halal (not serving any pork products) then I can suggest our Bayswater branch. Should you need any more information, please do not hesitate to contact.”

      Glad the restaurant directory is of good use!!

        • Anonymous
        • July 18, 2015

        Hey just had lunch at banana tree Clapham junction . Great food but the waiter told us that all grilled stuff is not halal as they put pork on the same grill

        • Anonymous
        • September 15, 2015

        If there is pork on the menu, this restaurant is not halal. Simple.

  1. Reply

    What a fantastic idea and site! Have already flagged up loads of places I didn’t know were Halal before stumbling here. Thank!

    • faz
    • March 29, 2014

    You need to try Sahara Grill in Gants Hill. I’m sure you will absolutely love it 🙂

    • Anonymous
    • March 29, 2014

    So excited that I stumbled across your blog! You’ve made my life so much easier! x

    • Anonymous
    • April 17, 2014

    Hi I came across these 4 places that someone said served halal, but would appreciate if you could try and confirm if they are actually halal.
    Coya – picadilliiy area
    Momo – Regent Street area
    La Bodega Negra – Oxford Street area
    Peyote – Mayfair

    1. Reply

      Hi, I contacted all of them and the only one halal on that list is Momo (everything is halal!) 🙂

        • Anonymous
        • November 21, 2014

        momo staff are a bit rubbish. Ask the to speak to the boss. not everything is halal eg: pigeon has been hunted, the Momo burger isn’t halal. it’s just the lamb and chicken that are halal. xxx

  2. Reply

    Have you tried Maggie Jones’s? They use an organic halal butcher called Millers which is apparently organic too… i wouldn’t mind finding out who else they supply!!

    • Amin
    • May 12, 2014

    Gosh! whats so halal about these places. I went through the list looking for premises that are 100% halal, sadly could not find many.
    if a restaurant serves halal alongside non halal then contamination is likely. And besides if the owners are not Muslims as a Muslim you should not be eating their meat unless you are 100% certain.
    If a Muslim tells you their food is halal, you have to be believed them. If however a non Muslim tells you their food is halal, you must verify and have hard evidence – you can’t just take their word for it

    I once went to a restaurant and asked the girl there if the food was halal, She answered yes. I then asked her if she knew what halal was, she said No.

    Many ,money hungry owners will say their food is halal.

    A non Muslim would not fear Allah and could easily mix the non halal with the halal.

    I stay away from all non 100% halal premises.

      • Sarkhail Hayat
      • June 21, 2014

      Good for you! The rest of us are happy eating at at those places.

      • IMRAN
      • May 28, 2015

      I agree with you brother, I cant NOT stand the smell or look of pork, and for someone to sit and eat where there is pork? uhhh no no no Fxxking way, its not happening, but if YOU can, hmmm says something about you… I was starving once, when working, and passed a favorites chicken shop, no halal sign, went in and asked him for certificate, he said I am telling you its halal, Told him to go Fxxk himself and walked out. If i would have eaten that, and it was not halal, my hunger would took me to hell, wen millions die of hunger and i was not going to make the mistake.
      I’m just saying, not having a go, But i could serve non halal as halal, it is CHEAPER and more profitable, we as Muslims have to do more, to make sure we are eating halal, we are not in a third world country dieing of hunger, so why should we just believe if someone says WE SERVE HALAL, surely doing the extra research and asking the questions we protect our deen and our kids.
      And you know what, now everyone knows that if we display Halal sign we have much more customers, but these customers DON’T ask the relevant questions, well I DO and i even had people eating once put down there food and walk out….. Your actions if they make a difference do them, and especially if they save fellow bros and sisters from eating NON HALAL.

        • dill
        • October 10, 2015

        Imran, I think you need to move to a ‘muslim’ country with your hardline views. We live in a great country and we shouldn’t abuse the tolerances we’re provided. There’s plenty of people fleeing muslim countries to come here so I’m sure you could go the other way..

        • Anonymous
        • May 4, 2016

        Imran your taking about yourself as if your this big almighty person, with a huge ego. If your that obsessive of halal and non halal maybe you should clean your mouth with some soap and wash away those filthy words you utter. It truly is heartbreaking to see a Muslim acting in such a irrational way and tarnishing the beautiful religion of Islam that emphasises the need for peace. We live in a non Muslim country and are always exposed to non halal meats wherever we go and yes we must be careful of what we eat and where. However not to the extent to what you preach as the other users have stated we can’t truly be sure of zero contamination.

        • nus
        • November 22, 2016

        Imran! Your language is not halal!

      • Anonymous
      • September 15, 2015

      In which case you shouldn’t be eating vegetarian food in any restaurant, anywhere if you’re taking things to those lengths. If you’re concerned about contamination then you can rule out McDonald’s, Pizza Hut etc. You can also rule out your kids eating school dinners. Sandwiches from Tescos and blah blah blah

    • Kimmy starzs
    • July 19, 2014

    Again Kadri’s is in North West not North East Lol that would be like Hackney! I think you may be a little lost in terms of your geographical locations sister. Harrow and Kilburn are North West London and Shepards Bush is deffo NOT central love its West London. Kingston is Surrey, its not even in London. Im really shocked at how many mistakes you have made. I think you may be misleading your fellow bloggers if they were to visit they might end up somewhere else! Heads up you might wanna use google maps next time before you upload your reviews.

      • MK
      • July 31, 2014

      @Kimmy – I am a random going through the comments and just happened to come across yours. Honestly, i how would feel if you had a sister and she came across men that talk to her like that. Condescending & arrogant. Honestly was that tone really necessary?

      • Anonymous
      • November 21, 2014

      ure super rude!! maybe u would end up in the wrong place and all the mistakes would be worth it.

    1. Reply

      As long as when you do put the actual address you find online into your google maps the address show up – and she has gotten the location close. No one cares!

    2. Reply

      Actually, you are wrong about Kingston, it is in London (greater London) zone 6 so a travel card will get you there! They have 0208 numbers and everything. People always make this mistake about places beyond zone 3 and if they’re from the other side of town. In conclusion, before you put someone down for being wrong, make sure you are 100% right yourself.

      • Anonymous
      • March 14, 2017


      funny how you haven’t contributed in any way towards making this restaurant list yet have the audacity to criticise somebody else’s hard work.

      if you can help then keep quiet. nobody needs your negativity.

    • Anonymous
    • October 6, 2014

    Salaams, love your website! Could you recommend any halal teppanyaki restaurants in London?

    • hungryhabibi
    • November 3, 2014

    Salaam, How about Sahar Grill, there is achain of 3 or 4. I loved their burger, seasoned really well and their steaks are beauties too.

  3. Reply

    Love love love this blog! Thanks so much for taking the time to put this together. GREAT effort. Cannot wait to try out some of your recommendations 🙂

  4. Reply

    hi, just wanted to know if the meating room in St Albans halaal.?

    1. Reply

      Yes it is 🙂

    • Tara
    • November 10, 2014

    This is excellent!!

    • ema
    • November 17, 2014

    Hi…do you know of any halal buffets in London??

    1. Reply

      Nabrasa, Rodizio Rico, Royal Nawaab, & Jimmy Spices

      • Anonymous
      • September 15, 2015

      Royal Nawab in Perivale.. the grandest restaurant you’ll visit anywhere pin London

    • Anonymous
    • November 25, 2014


    Very helpful site.

    I have another you can add to your list, its called Baku on Sloane street. Its Azerbaijani cuisine, great atmosphere and food.


  5. Reply

    You’ve got a great blog and have a superb following

    Just want to say we’ve developed a great IOS app Download this free Amazing Halal Food Directory App. Find all your favourite Halal outlets near you, receive offers, updates and make bookings n much more….click link below:


    We’d love to have some feedback from yourself may be a review of the app?

    Just want to say your doing a great Job promoting halal outlets in London!

    • Anonymous
    • April 24, 2015

    Sticks n Sushi Wimbeldon?

  6. Reply

    Just read some of these comments and here is my tuppence worth:

    1. Be sincere and remember your manners when commenting. You don’t have to agree with anyone but you do have to show respect.

    2. This blog is a resource. It’s not perfect. There may well be a mistake here or there. If this is the case why don’t you email the author privately instead of plastering your feedback on here where it may well get missed? The best advice is that which is given to a person gently and by taking them by the hand (i.e. 1-2-1).

    3. Nowadays Muslims are just as bad at lying and cheating as non Muslims are. Like it or not that is the reality. The only way to be absolutely 100% sure the meat you are eating is halal is to slaughter it yourself! But we are not required to go to that level of detail in matters of food and drink. Be cautious yes and if you genuinely suspect foul play of course don’t eat but don’t go looking for problems. (There is of course a lot more detail to this issue).


    • Anonymous
    • August 10, 2015

    Hi there 🙂

    Just wanted to give a heads up- Bone Daddies no longer serve halal meat.
    I spoke to the managers of all their branches (including Soho) and they confirmed this.


    • Anonymous
    • December 12, 2015

    I think everyone should just appreciate this girl is just truing to help us find a variety of food that are halal in a country where a lot of that is not available. Sure we can do our own steps to see if it is halal but only Allah swt can judge, doesn’t give other people a right to attack someone who is just trying the help. No one will ever be perfect. We can just strive to be.

    • Aisha
    • April 3, 2016

    I was thinking of going bird in Shoreditch with my friends, but was wondering if it was HMC certified. Is it possible for you to confirm this somehow?
    Your blog is really helpful by the way.
    Jazakumullah khayr

    1. Reply

      I don’t think it is HMC, sorry.

    • Sunil
    • April 15, 2016

    Hi my wife and kids can only eat Halal so appreciate the information here. I myself can eat anything so I’ve no issues but this info helps makes dining out a much more shared experience so cheers for your blogging! PS there’s a cool burger joint in watford called Meat & Shake…its halal and a decent wide menu!

    • T
    • July 4, 2016


    Not sure if this is still Halal – but was absolutely fantastic when I went a couple years back.

    Carnaby Burger Co. – Its just behind Regent street, quite close to Stax Diner actually.

    Also, just to point out – when you rearrange the table for price, it rearranges it in alphabetical order instead.


      • Mr Muslim
      • March 9, 2017


      I called them today (9th March 2017) and was told only chicken is halal.


  7. Reply

    HG i think you have a divided audience here, have to say well done for giving the internet folk this blog but some of these comments are what i would expect especially from the so called brothers and sisters… beardy wierdies and sisters get real good food is good food if you don’t like the blog stop moaning and go to a country where your halal fantasies will be fulfilled.
    As for the UK its brilliant that there are establishments that are catering for the Muslim communities but they have to keep their own happy too you cannot expect a high end restaurant to stop serving pork because the halalie’s have moved in its not all about you and your halal needs.
    For me yes i’m a Muslim but i would eat at anyone of these places if they say its Halal, then accept it or choose to doubt it and walk out.

    Moody Muslim

    • Lan
    • March 3, 2017

    Hi – does anyone know of any decent halal restaurants in the City? St. Paul’s, Bank, Liverpool Street etc. Not looking for anything too fancy. I know of some chains there that serve halal but looking for more options. Many thanks!

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